Vincent – Winter Fun

“It’s snowing,” Ryan said turning from the window practically jumping with excitement.

“So what?” Vincent asked glancing up from his book “you’ve seen snow before.”

“I know but it’s the first snow of the season,” Ryan pulled his coat on following by his scarf and gloves “come on let’s go outside…”

“And do what?” Vincent groaned “make a snowman?”

“Sure why not” Ryan said with a smile “come on hurry up.”

Closing his book Vincent shook his head but followed his friend from the room shrugging into his coat as he went.

“Aren’t you going to help?” Ryan asked once they were outside.

“You’re serious?” Vincent shook his head at his best friend since childhood “ok ok I’ll help but aren’t we getting a little too old for playing in the snow?”

“You’re never too old to play in the snow,” Ryan retorted busily making the perfect snowman body.