Gayle McAllister – Santa and his helpers


“My feet are killing me” Gayle complained after a long day at the soup kitchen serving less fortunate people their holiday meal. “What are you doing? Put me down!”

“No way” Trent chuckled at the irritated look Gayle gave him after he swept her off her feet “this is the least I can do for my little Santa’s helper. You did an awesome job by the way of serving meals today.”

“I was glad to help,” she smiled into his eyes “we should go home though so that Ryan can open his presents.”

“Please Dad,” Ryan whined “I’m tired.”

Trent looked down at his son “I’m very proud of you son.”

“I wanted to help,” he said even though he wasn’t that thrilled about wearing this elf costume. “I had fun helping today.” He had spent all day handing out toys to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have gotten anything for Christmas.

“Good,” Trent said ruffling his son’s hair “let’s go home.”