Hannah – Candy

“Can’t you be serious just this once?” Charity asked her best friend.

Snorting Hannah turned to her friend “I’m dressed like a peppermint candy. How serious can I be?”

Charity smoothed her dress patterned in cupcakes she sighed. Hannah had a point but she wanted this event to be successful. “This is for needy kids…” she whispered in her Hannah’s ear.

“Yeah I know,” Hannah replied “that’s the only reason I’m doing this.” She turned to smile at the camera someone flashed in her eyes.”My feet are killing me and I’m going blind from all the camera flashes. So excuse me if the only thing that makes it tolerable is having a little fun.”

“Can’t you think of how happy this will make the kids instead of being a goofball?” Charity demanded “I don’t want anything to hinder us from meeting our goal.”

“I know this is important” Hannah sighed “but I don’t think laughing and cracking a few jokes is such a bad thing. If the people are happy and entertained they’ll give more.”

Nodding Charity relaxed. Hannah had a point after all her dad was in a successful band she’d know how to handle a crowd.