Aimee Vera – A Memory That Makes Them Feel Guilty


“I never should have left you the way I did” Aimee sighed as she looked at the baby pictures of the twins. The daughters Gene had with his ex-girlfriend Tracee. The one who had told Gene not to do Sim Star Idol. The show she claimed would drive him back to drinking.

Aimee was positive if Gene had listened to Tracee all those years ago he would have gone back to drinking. He would have been driven to it by her incessant harping. Gene had never felt good enough for her. She never let him be good enough.

Aimee flipped to the next page of pictures remembering how she and Gene had been at the hospital taking their turn to sit at William’s bedside when someone came in to deliver the news about Tracee. Aimee doubted she’d ever forget the stricken look on Gene’s face as he was told about the twins. Two little girls he had never known existed until that moment.

Aimee remembered stumbling from the chair following Gene into the hall. All she could think was how dare he have children with someone else. She kept thinking he’d forever be comparing her to Tracee. She’d never measure up. Tracee was a beautiful blond and she was the shy gamer girl. What had Gene ever seen in her to begin with?

She heard him call to her. Heard him as he shuffled down the hall. She knew Gene needed her but she couldn’t do it. Couldn’t be what he needed her to be. So she ran. Ran back to the cold stiff arms of her parents.

She’d never be able to think back to that time without feeling guilt over the way she had handled things. Gene for his part wouldn’t let her voice her feelings of guilt. Always telling her things worked out in the end. Aimee knew he was right but things could have ended with him dead from the knife Wallace had twisted inside him. She could have missed out on the love of her life.