Gene Bennett – You’re A Nerd but My Favorite Nerd


Aimee sat alone on the couch wiping away tears that never seemed to stop. She missed him. Missed him more with each passing day. Who ever said time heals lied. Her heart was shattered. The love of her life was gone. How was she supposed to go on without him?

She could feel his presence beside her. Even now on the couch she could feel his arm slide around her shoulders tenderly caressing her. It felt so real. She turned to look at the spot he should have been blinking in shock to find he wasn’t there. Her mind conjured up an image of him, his dark brown eyes twinkling with mischief. That had been the first thing she had noticed about him…his eyes. His eyes expressed how he felt even when he bottled everything up inside. How many times had she found herself lost in his eyes? Now all she had were memories. He was gone. Gone forever.

Tears streamed down her wrinkled cheeks as she gazed at the package that had arrived in the mail the day before. It lay in her lap unopened. It was from him. A last memento of his love for her. A small thin smile stretched her lips as she carefully opened it. Her hands trembled as she removed the disk within.

It took her another hour to work up the courage to play it. She cried out when she saw his happy smiling face staring back at her. His eyes just as lively as she remembered and his deep voice booming from the speakers made it seem he was in the room with her.

“Hey love” Gene said from the screen “I finally made it into the virtual world. I know how much you like your virtual men.”

Aimee gasped her mind going back to where it all began. The set of Sim Star Idol when he teased her mercilessly about her love of gaming. Virtual men indeed!

He laughed the same mischievous glint in his eyes she knew so well “You’re a nerd but my favorite nerd.”