Trebor – I’m not going anywhere


The house was silent as Braylin unlocked the door. “Trebor” he called his voice seeming to bounce off the walls. Climbing the stairs he put his hand out, gripping the door knob a feeling of dread sweeping through him. “Get a grip” he ordered himself turning the knob.

The room was dark. Silent. “Trebor” he called again wishing now he had taken the time to send a text to say a simple “I’m sorry.” Taking his phone out he wondered where Trebor would have went and if he should send one now. Eli? No he was out of town visiting family. John? Not him. He was in rehab. Joseph? Maybe. He was about to dial the number when a rustling sound caught his attention.

“Hey” he let his relief out as he saw Trebor sitting on the floor holding Mr. McFluffers to his chest.

Trebor’s eyes left the cat in his arms to meet Braylin’s gaze. “I thought you left” his voice was flat, lifeless.

“I came back” he flashed him a grin as he settled on the floor beside him.

“Why” he asked in the same flat monotone.

“Because I love you” Braylin said putting an arm around Trebors shoulders smiling when Trebor snuggled into him. “I’m sorry. It was a stupid argument.”

“I’m sorry too” Trebor mumbled against his shoulder. “I was going to send a text until I remembered  my phone is in your car.”

Laughing softly he kissed the side of Trebor’s forehead. “It’s in the past. I’m not going anywhere. Except maybe the kitchen for food.”