Jennifer – If you die, I’m gonna kill you!


“You know I have to do this,” Chase said following her outside where they could be alone.

Nodding Jennifer sighed looking into his clear blue eyes “it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

Chuckling a little Chase wrapped his arms around her “I know baby. I don’t have a choice. This dimension is falling around our ears.”

“Is this my fault?” she wondered aloud moving from his sheltering embrace. Eyes downcast, arms wrapped tightly around herself. There were so many things from her past she wished she could change. The biggest regret was her time travels and messing up the time line. If this was her fault she would never be able to forgive herself. She never meant to hurt anyone. She only wanted to change the past, prevent her parents demise.

“I think this is something bigger than that,” Chase told her “I can’t tell you it isn’t related. Time is too fickle, too malleable. All we can do now is try and fix what’s wrong.”

“You’re right,” she turned to face him “I know you are it’s just the thought of you going to another dimension scares me.” She shuddered remembering how lost she had been when she lost her dad. Her life would be over if anything happened to her husband.

“I’m coming back,” he assured her “I have to. I belong here with you.” He pulled her close rubbing circles on her back “you’re not getting rid of me so easily.”

If you die, I’m gonna kill you,” she tried to joke despite the tears stinging her eyes “be careful so you can come home to me.”

“I will. I promise,” he squeezed her tight “I love you too much to do otherwise.”

“I know,” she stroked his cheek “I know my husband. You’ll do whatever it takes to save our children’s future.”

He couldn’t deny it he simply held her close until he had to leave.