Alex – “The three seconds rule doesn’t apply to sticky foods.”


“That’s so gross,” Lexi said covering her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing,

Licking his fingers Alex winked at her “three second rule.”

Unable to keep the building laughter inside she shook her head at her husband as the giggles took over her body and the room was filled with her laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Alex demanded going over to the sink to wash his sticky fingers.

“You are,” she said her face red from laughing so hard “I don’t think the three second rule applies to sticky food.”

Shrugging he moved closer to his wife “if I get sick you’ll take care of me, right?”

Squirming in his arms she shook her head “you wish.”

“Why not?” he demanded poking his bottom lip out in a fake pout.

“I don’t cater to stupidity” she told him batting his hands away “you don’t know what’s been on this floor.”

“I know what I’d like to have on this floor,” he sidled up to her kissing a line from her neck up to her lips.

Pushing him away she shook her head “that’s even worse than licking up caramel from the floor.”

“We came here to have a little fun, relax” he said pulling her close again “no kids to walk in on us, no interruptions.”

“If you wanted to get this frisky you should have gotten better accommodations than this dirty old cabin,” she pushed his hands away “I’d rather roll around outside in the grass than on this…”

“What are we waiting for?” he asked grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the door.