Eddie Bennett – Did that Person Take a Picture of Us


It was early as Rory and Eddie walked along the almost deserted beach hand in hand. Sea gulls called raucously at each other as they swooped towards the water. Stopping to watch Eddie tugged on Rory’s hand as he kept on walking unaware that Eddie had stopped. “Are you alright?” Rory asked in a voice low enough the sounds of the ocean almost drowned it out.

Eddie nodded keeping his eyes on the ocean and the fighting sea gulls. He could feel Rory pull him close. He nestled his cheek onto Rory’s shoulder mumbling “I miss her.”

There was no other explanation required. Rory knew Eddie was having a difficult time with their only daughter away at university. “I miss her too,” he admitted “she’ll be home in a couple of weeks.”

“It’s not the same,” Eddie protested.

Rory squeezed him tight “I know baby I know.” He looked up in time to see a flash of light “I don’t believe it” he mumbled.

Lifting his cheek from his favorite spot Eddie frowned “did that person take a picture of us?”

A squeal from an over excited teenage girl cut off whatever response Rory was about to make. “OMG I can’t believe it’s you. Please please please can I have your autograph? A picture? Please!”

Rory flashed her his best grin as he reached for the pin she held in their direction. Shock soon replaced his smile as the girl said “you’re my favorite author of all time. I’ve read all your books,” she gushed to the utter astonishment of both men