Trebor – “Baby I’m right here. Shh I’m here.”


A low moan had Braylin opening his eyes and looking over to the man beside him. Trebor was cuddled up beside him his fingers clenched into fists. “No please” he moaned in his sleep. His feet kicked out causing Braylin to grunt in unexpected pain.

Reaching out Braylin gently stroked Trebor’s sweat drenched face. “Shh baby I’m right right. Shh I’m here” he repeated soothingly until Trebor calmed turning his face into his chest. This time he could feel the wetness of tears as they dropped on his bare skin Bending he placed tender kisses on Trebor’s forehead. “I’m here. Nothing and no one is going to hurt you.”

A moment later he heard the man in his arms saying his name. “What is it babe” he asked his voice low and soft.

“Thank you” Trebor whispered moving enough to place soft kisses on Braylin’s chest.

“For what” he asked with a little chuckle. His fingers playing in the man’s messy sweat damp hair.

“For being here” he sighed nuzzling into the hockey player. “For not making me feel like an idiot for still having nightmares and waking you up when you should be sleeping.”

“What hurts you hurts me” Braylin said holding Trebor tighter. “Will you tell me what’s causing them?”

“I saw her. My Aunt. The one who kidnapped me” he stammered “she was at the clinic today when I brought Kesler in for his checkup.”