Liono Marx – Hot Drinks


Liono blew on his fingers “it’s almost too cold to ride my bike to practice tonight.”

“Would you like some hot chocolate? I’ve just made some for Divia” Elyse asked pouring the hot drink into cups.

“Maybe you could fill me a thermos of that stuff” Liono said watching her “it’s not going to do me any good before my ride.”

“Why don’t you take the car instead?” she suggested “it’s supposed to snow tonight.”

“But it’s not snowing yet” Liono corrected “I want to ride my bike as long as I can.”

Shrugging she sighed “well don’t come whining to me if you crash and kill yourself….”

He gave her a sour look “I’m an excellent driver.”

“Yeah right” she mumbled “a year ago you had a broke leg from losing control…”

“I didn’t lose control” he protested “that was a controlled crash. I had to put my bike down in order to not hit that idiot driver who cut me off.”

“Whatever,” she said turning and handing him a hot chocolate “drink this then go get my keys and drive the car like any normal person would.”

“Yes dear” he mumbled into his cup.