Charity – You Belong With Me Not Her


Tossing and turning for what felt like half the night Charity reached for her phone to check the time. 2 o’clock in the freaking morning! She groaned running a hand across her face realizing she was never going to get the sleep she craved. Every time she closed her eyes she saw her. Her with the long brown hair, the full red lips and curves to die for.

Moaning she rolled over pulling a pillow over her face. She could see her china blue eyes twinkling in the sunlight. Her high clear giggle as she hung on every word that came from his mouth. The way her hand caressed his arm as he led her towards the dance the floor.

She finally fell asleep to images of a pretty girl on the arm of the perfect guy. In her dream she watched the couple dance to a forever song. Each time they passed she smiled waving hoping to catch his attention. No matter what she did he wouldn’t look at her. Moaning in her sleep she mumbled you belong with me, not her.  

She woke up blurry eyed and more tired than if she would have stayed up all night. Her throat was dry and scratchy making her wonder if she had been talking in her sleep.

Hannah giggled as she went towards the door “if you like him that much you should tell him before it’s too late”  she said confirming that Charity had been talking in her sleep.

Charity gave her best friend a scowl to which Hannah only laughed shaking her head.


“Charity?” Ryan’s voice startled her as she made her way to the kitchen. “Are you alright?” he asked in concern sending her heart to flutter.

“I’m fine” she mumbled eyes down staring at her toes unable to meet his eyes.

For a moment she felt his tender touch as he pulled her close. Her heart felt as if it had sprouted wings and taken flight. She felt him press his lips to her forehead whispering “good luck.” Then just as quickly he released her. He gave her his trademark grin before walking away.

She pressed a hand to her forehead where she could feel the imprint of his lips through the yarn of her cap. She smiled at his thoughtfulness wishing her luck on the day of her debates. It was the confidence boost she needed.

Descending the stairs she saw Ryan on his way out. He smiled up at her winking. The early morning sun shining brightly behind him. A shadow moved in to block the light as a brunette approached and smothered him with a kiss. She remembered her dream and once again she wanted to shout you belong with me not what’s her name. The words stuck in her throat as once again fear took hold. Why would she want to ruin a perfectly good friendship if he didn’t feel the same about her?