Garrett – Show me your texts or its over.


Garrett stood from putting the baby in it’s crib. They really needed a bigger house he thought. One where the baby had it’s own room instead of a crib in the living room. He hadn’t expected a baby so soon. Looking over at Verity he frowned. She had been more secretive than usual lately.

Sensing Garrett watching her Verity hastily saved her research and stored it in a hidden folder on the computer. Turning she smiled up at him “is the baby asleep?”

“You promised you wouldn’t take on any more cases until the baby was older,” Garrett crossed his arms leaning against the wall.

Inwardly she jumped even as she maintained her outward calm “I haven’t taken any new cases. I do still have some old cases I’m still working on.”

Walking towards her he stopped a few feet away “one of those cases wouldn’t be Kara’s would it?”

She looked at her hands inspecting her nails, refusing to meet his blue gaze. She had wanted to keep this from him. Protect him. She opened her mouth to speak but found the carefully contrived lie stuck in her throat. “I have too” she mumbled.

“You promised” he blinked back hot angry tears “I thought with the wedding and the baby you had let it go.”

“You don’t understand,” she shouted ready to argue her point when her phone went off announcing an incoming text.

“Hand it over” Garrett demanded holding his hand out “I mean it Verity, if you don’t show me your texts it’s over.”

Silently she passed the phone over to him knowing he would be shocked, dismayed and angry with her when he saw all the texts she had from her. Helplessly she watched him wishing she could turn to stone.

“Damn it Verity! Why didn’t you tell me? he demanded.