Justice – Can’t you stay a little longer?


Jenna left the resort with the intent of going home and packing. Her feet slowed as she passed the water fountain. Justice wast staring absently into the water. Something in his face making her reverse her steps. “Are you alright” she asked softly.

Grunting he lifted his head up. Staring at her like he really wasn’t really seeing her. “It’s unfair” he said “she has her entire life ahead of her….” His face crumpled as he fought the tears building inside him “she’s so young…”

Stepping forward she put a hand on his back. Word’s failed her. It didn’t seem to matter as Justice leaned into her crying softly. Tentatively she rubbed his back making soothing noises that seemed to help.

A few minutes later he sniffed. “I’m sorry” he said drying his eyes on the back of his sleeves. “I was hoping I’d be a match.”

“I’m sorry” she repeated not sure what else to say.

“We’re hoping someone else might be in the family.” Stepping back shoving his hands into his pockets. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have burdened you with my problems.”

“It’s okay but I should be going” she said taking a step backwards. “I have some packing to do.”

“Can’t you stay a little longer” he asked his words sounding like a plea.

“I wish I could but I promised my Uncle I’d be home for Christmas” she explained.

“Oh” he sighed looked dejected “I was hoping to see you again before I went back to school.”