Gene Bennett – A Memory That Makes Them Smile


“I saw you looking at me when you thought I wouldn’t notice,” Gene smiled strutting over to where Aimee sat on the couch.

She tried not to squirm self-consciously as he tossed an arm across her shoulders drawing her close. Her cheeks flared with heat. She directed her gaze towards the floor as she stammered “I wasn’t” she lied refusing to meet his eyes.

“You were” he teased laughing a little as he got up.

Like a moth to a flame Aimee watched him shrug into his shirt. A soft moan of protest escaping her lips.

Hearing her Gene winked at her before he turned. Walking away he said “like what you see honey?”

“I did” she muttered under her breath. She liked seeing him shirtless. Liked it from the moment she saw him shirtless on the set of Sim Star Idol. The way her stomach tightened the first time she saw him like that by the pool. The way it still did all these years later. She smiled remembering how everyone teased he about how Gene had arranged the whole thing to get her into a bathing suit. The one time she regretted not having packed one. She wanted to see his eyes darken with desire. Liked knowing that she was the one that ignited that fire.

That memory still made her smile even all these decades later. Gene still gazed at her with desire despite the wrinkles and gray hair time had given her.