Trebor – 3 Wishes from a Cat with 3 Glowing Eys


Yawning Trebor rubbed a hand across face. It had been a long day. Working doubles to make up for the time he missed laid up with a broken arm and elbow put him behind. He was lucky to not have lost his residency at the hospital. Yawning again his gaze fell upon the couch longing to just close his eyes for a minute or two.

Shaking his head he forced himself to gather his trash before it grew legs and walked out on it’s own volition. Wishing he lived in a building that had trash chutes he trudged down the metal stairs to the dumpster in the dark alley.

A scurrying and a plaintive meow warned him the alley cats were out in force and more than likely as soon as he dropped off his garbage they’d be upon it before he’d made his way back inside the building. Turning he yelped upon seeing three orbs staring at him.

He shouldn’t be surprised at seeing a mutant cat with three eyes. The way they appeared to be glowing was especially spooky. “I wonder if I should try to catch it. I bet the lab at the hospital would love a chance to study it.”

“I wouldn’t do that” a voice said.

Turning in a full circle Trebor tried to find where the voice was coming from. Seeing nothing he swallowed “who said that?”

“I did stupid human.”

Turning Trebor stared at the cat. It’s three glowing eyes seemed to display an intelligence he’d never before contributed to a cat before. “This can’t be real” he  muttered “I’m more tired than I thought.”

“This is no hallucination” the cat told him “I’m here to offer you three wishes.”

“Yeah” he asked “what’s the catch?” He looked around wondering Braylin was playing some kind of trick on him.

“No tricks” the cat stretched “just give me a warm comfortable place to sleep tonight.”

“Yeah okay” he nodded sure this was some kind of dream his tired mind was conjuring up. He took the cat inside his building and watched as it made itself comfortable on his couch.

Shaking his head he stumbled into his bedroom. Exhaustion taking over he flopped on the bed without changing. He fell into a deep sleep. Int he morning he woke up to something soft brushing against his face. Opening his eyes he found himself staring into the yellow eyes of a cat. Jerking up right he thought for sure the cat was going to ask him what his wishes were. The cat moved to rub against his arm purring loudly.

Lifting the fur ball into his hands he smiled. He must have been more tired than he thought last night. This cat was no more than the kitten Braylin had gotten him for their six month anniversary. It didn’t have three glowing eyes and it certainly didn’t have the power to grant him three wishes.