Eddie – Slamming Door


Eddie sleepily reached across the bed for Rory only to find and empty void. He had forgotten Rory was away on tour and not expected back until late tomorrow or the next day. He pulled the covers up around his neck, his ears straining to hear the noise that had awakened him.

The wind outside his window howled. The bare tree branches cast shadows upon his bedroom wall. A loud slam echoed through the house making Eddie burrow deeper into the blankets as if their fluffy softness could protect him.
Another loud bang as if something had been slammed into the side of the house. Hannah began to scream in her crib. Heart leaping into his throat Eddie reached for the bedside lamp with trembling hands. The light drove back the shadows calming Eddie’s fears as he threw back the blankets. He padded across the floor, his hand on the door knob when he was plunged into total darkness.

Only the sounds of Hannah’s terrified screams kept him going. He groped his way in the dark to her room. Not even her nightlight shone in the dark. He scurried to her crib lifting her into his arms. He jumped as another loud bang vibrated through the house. His trembling arms clutched Hannah tight against his chest. Something rattled against her window sending Eddie stumbling for the door.


He darted down the hall, slammed his bedroom door shut. Breathing hard he leaned against the wall, Hannah screaming in his arms. Another loud slam against the house resounded through the door followed by footsteps.

Eddie closed his eyes hoping it was just his imagination running away with him. The sound of footsteps reached his ears confirming his worst nightmare. He threw the lock on the door before scurrying into the far corner of the room in a vain attempt to hide. The door knob rattled as someone tried it, then a loud knock. Eddie’s jangled nerves went on a runaway roller coaster ride.

“Eddie honey are you alright?” Rory’s concerned voice called through the door


Setting Hannah down Eddie stumbled to the door and fell into his husbands arms sobbing. Holding him Rory waited for the tremors to calm down. “Shh everything is alright,” he soothed glad he had decided to come home early. Eddie jumped in his arms cringing as something banged outside. Rory’s arms tightened around him “it’s just the screen door. The latch is broke. I’ll fix it tomorrow.”