Gene Bennett – A Sad Memory That Makes Them Cry


Aimee held his hand all through the funeral. She felt him tremble as he fought for control. Watched as the tears slid down his stubbly cheeks unnoticed while he stared ahead at the casket.

The casket that held his older brother. His best friend. His biggest support. The one person up till Aimee came into his like he could rely on. She felt him him move closer to her leaning on her. It was the first time she felt the strength it required to be someone’s rock. It scared her to know she had to be the strong one in this situation. He needed her to be his rock.

“I’m sorry” he murmured releasing his death’s grip on her hand.

“It’s alight” she kissed his cheek “you didn’t hurt me,” she assured him “I’m stronger than I look.”

His lips quirked up briefly before the terrible burden of grief washed over him again. “What am I going to do?” he asked his voice cracking from strain “it wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

Gently she kissed his lips silencing his fears. Holding his face between her palms she gazed into his eyes. “We’re going to grieve.Then we’re going to live our lives. We’ll take the kids home. We’ll give them the love they need.”

“Thank you” he pulled her close holding her tight. His expressive brown eyes filled with hope and determination now. She had given him a direction to go in when he was feeling lost and rudderless.

She couldn’t help but cry remembering that awful time. It would always make her cry. Robert had been a large chunk of why Gene was the person he was. He was taken from them much too soon. Now she was comforted by the thought that both brothers were together again.