Gene – Do I get a kiss for that?

“Gene will you play with me?” Aimee entreated from the couch where she sat controller in hand.

Shaking his head “you know how I feel about video games.”

“Please,” she pleaded “I don’t have anyone else to play with.” She stuck out her bottom lip pretending to pout.

Rolling his eyes he sat down beside her “fine!” He reached over and took the proffered controller from Aimee’s eager hand “but you owe me.” It never ceased to amaze him how excited she became over playing a new game. She never out grew it and people still enjoyed her video blogs. Looking over at her with a twinkle in his eyes “do I get a kiss for this?” 

Arching an eyebrow “a kiss for what?”

Waving the controller around in exasperation “for playing this. Whatever this is.”

Grinning impishly at him giggling “only if you play nicely.”

“I’m always nice,” he grumbled.

“Quit complaining, you know you like it,” she sat near him the thrill of being close to him never diminishing through the years they’ve been together.

“I only do it for you,” he mumbled.


“Because I love you,” he smiled as he leaned in close “so do I get a kiss for that?”

Nodding she reached up and drew his face down to hers.