Gene – “It’s OK baby, I’m here for you.”


Gene walked into the living room to find Aimee on the couch surrounded by several open photo albums. “Honey what’s this?” he asked concerned. It had been months since they had lost their oldest son Ian and his wife Celia. At first Aimee had refused to talk about it. Then she had taken down every picture in the house that contained their smiling faces. It broke his heart to think she was somehow trying to wipe them from her memory.

She looked up with tears in her eyes to give him a sad smile. “I had to see his sweet little face again,” she sniffed looking down at their wedding pictures “he was so little and so happy.”


Gene looked down at the open album and slowly shut it. Taking his wife’s hand in his “we’ll see him again…”

Shaking her head “it’s not fair. He should have been able to his children get married. See his grandchildren.”

Feeling as if his heart was breaking he pulled her close. Her tears soaking his shoulder. There were no words that could assuage this pain. “It’s ok baby, I’m here for you,” he murmured as she continued to cry “we’ll get through this together.”

Nodding she pulled away “will that woman pay for what she’s done?”

“Someday she will,” Gene said knowing that wasn’t enough and never would be until she was locked up and gone for good. Until then no one was safe.

“Has Jeff come up with anything yet?” Aimee asked.

“How did you know he was still working the case?” he asked looking at her in surprise.

“I may be old but I’m not too old to know when my husband is keeping secrets from me,” she retorted “I know he’s been calling you…”