Bruce Van Winkle


1. His mother died from cancer before he was old enough to go to school.

2. Despite having a famous father he had a humble upbringing. His dad spent his wealth to get his wife the medical care she needed and for experimental procedures that weren’t covered by insurance.

3. Bruce loves music and can play any instrument; although drums are his favorite.

4. He is bi even though the majority of his relationships have been with men.

5. He had a girlfriend in high school. She dumped him for a football player and he wasn’t even the star player. He was more of a bench warmer.

6. Bruce tried to get her back and might have been successful if she hadn’t moved the summer before their senior year.

7. He has a son he’s never met or even knows about. His girlfriend from high school was pregnant and her parents made her marry said football player even though he wasn’t the father.

8. Bruce has a tendency to compare himself to others and he always finds a way to see how the other person is better.

9. He has a deep seated fear that Ramsey is just settling for him because he can’t have Eddie.

10. He’s always wanted a dog but couldn’t have one when he was growing up because one of  his sisters was allergic. Now that he’s older he hasn’t been able to have one because he’s never home long enough to give a dog the time they need.


1. His mom died from cancer before he was five years old. He has very few memories of her other than the stories his dad has told him about her.

2. He’s the youngest of five kids. He’s also the youngest of a set of triplets.

3. His dad is a famous composer and artist. Bruce learned to play multiple instruments from his dad. He prefers the drum over all other instruments though.

4 Even though he has a good singing voice he prefers to be in the background instead of in the limelight.

5. He enjoys fast cars and learned to fix most vehicles from his dad. His dad enjoyed fixing up old cars as a hobby and other than music it was something they could do together.