Eddie – I can’t believe you talked me into this.

They left Hannah at the resort daycare for the day. Noticing Eddie’s reluctance to leave Rory assured him “she’ll be ok without us for a few hours. He took Eddie’s hand and guided him from the the resort.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Eddie mumbled as he realized Rory wasn’t going to let him back out of the day’s agenda.

“Come on babe it’ll be fun,” Rory told him as he walked towards the surf boards.

“It doesn’t look safe,” Eddie eyed the narrow board dubiously “what if a wave knocks me off and the board hits me on the head?”

“Don’t worry I’ll be there to save you from drowning,” Rory laughed at him as he paid the rental fee “you said you wanted to try something new.”

“Everyday with you is something new,” Eddie said following him from the building “we are taking lessons right?”

Rory kept walking whistling softly as if he hadn’t heard the question.

Eddie dragged the board behind him repeating “we are taking lessons right?”

“Well…” Rory lifted a hand up to shield his eyes from the bright sun “they don’t offer lessons at the resort.” At the stark look of fear in Eddie’s eyes and face he hastily added “don’t worry I know how to surf. I’ll show you everything you need to know. You’ll be fine.”

Nodding Eddie looked out over the ocean. His mind conjuring up images of great whites swallowing him whole as he struggled to out race it. Shaking his head he knew he shouldn’t have let Rory talk him into watching Jaws the night before. Sighing he tried to smile at the man he loved “show me what I need to do,” his voice resigned to his fate.

Pulling him close Rory said “I knew you’d do it.”

“You also know I can never tell you no,” Eddie replied sticking his tongue out at him.