Matthew Bennett

2.  What animal do they identify with the most?

Cats – he’s independent and only wants and gives attention in his own time and on his terms.

4.  What’s their earliest memory?

Earliest memory is of his mom holding him at night and crying. He didn’t understand why at the time. As he got older  he knew she was crying because of what happened to his dad while they had been in France and how they had almost lost him.

6.  Are they close with their family?

Yes even though he refuses to live in the same town. He has too many bad memories to want to live in Starlight Shores.

8.  Do they have tattoos or piercings? If yes, do they have any special meaning?

None. It would be too difficult to cover up tattoos for most of his costumes he would need to wear for his profession. He’s just not interested in getting anything pierced.

10.  What’s their favorite smell?

Talcum powder. His dad would use it a lot on his hands to eliminate sweat and increase his grip when he was performing. He associates the smell with his dad and being safe.

12.  What would their dream job be?

He has is dream job. He dances and his partner is his cousin Drew. They’ve been dancing since they were kids. He can’t imagine doing anything else.

14.  Are they a social butterfly or more of a loner?

At one time he would have been a social butterfly but after being the target of a bully in high school. Then losing his girl friend in a tragic fire he became very closed off. He prefers to be left alone.

16.  Who was the last person they said “I love you”?

His wife Payson. He never leaves the house or goes to sleep without telling her how much he loves her.

18.  Do they have any quirks?

He pushes people away to keep from getting hurt.

20.  What kind of embarrassing stuff do they do when no one is watching

He’s a very reserved person but if he was absolutely positively sure he was alone he might be found dancing in the nude. But you didn’t hear that from me.

22.  Are they a good dancer?

I would hope so it is his profession.

24.  What is their reaction to a huge, nasty spider in the bathroom?

Um scream like a little girl. He does not do well with creepy crawlies and spiders are the worst. He may have listened outside his parents bedroom door and heard his dad describe his experience in France that gave him a phobia with bugs and spiders. Payson would have to come and rescue him. She’s not as squeamish when it comes to spiders and insects.

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses – Believe or not Matt does. He can be very affectionate when he’s not over thinking the moment.
  • Gets jealous the most – Payson does because Matt can be pretty oblivious of things and he doesn’t notice when someone is coming on to him. He doesn’t even know how he got Payson. It wasn’t something he expected or wanted she just never gave up trying.
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive – Matt would because he doesn’t drink. There’s too much family history of alcohol abuse in his family for him to want to risk it happening to him.
  • Takes care of on sick days – Payson has to force Matt to take it easy if she suspects he’s getting sick otherwise he’ll over do it.
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day – Matt doesn’t go to beaches, pools basically any place where he would have to take his shirt off and expose his burn scars. So Payson would have to drag him to the beach.
  • Gives unprompted massages – Payson does because it helps Matt to relax after all the dancing and exercise he does during the day.
  • Drives/rides shotgun – Matt loves to drive so Payson rides shotgun.
  • Brings the other lunch at work – Payson brings Matt lunch everyday so that she can spend time with him.
  • Has the better parental relationship – They both have pretty good relationships with their parents.
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed – Payson tries only to find Matt laughing hysterically at her attempts.
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer – Payson she really can’t dance. Drinking just makes it worse.
  • Still cries watching Titanic – Matt has never watched it and doesn’t intend on watching it ever. Payson has secretly watched more time then she can count and cries every time.
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes – Payson does and tries to convince Matt to go along with her ideas. Sometime he does but mostly not.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas – Who thought up that rule anyway? Matt always agrees to it but never intends to follow it. If he has the money for something expensive why not get it? Isn’t that what money’s for? To spend it on those you love. Did he just say that? He must be confused.
  • Makes the other eat breakfast – Payson always makes Matt eat something because she knows he won’t otherwise.
  • Remembers anniversaries – Matt always remembers. He’s been hurt to much in the past to take anything for granted. Payson remembers the big anniversaries but not the small ones that only Matt keeps track of.
  • Brings up having kids – Payson does because she wants a large family but Matt is still afraid that something bad is going to happen. Why bring kids into the mix?