Eddie Bennett – Tis Not The Season


Trying not to laugh Rory spread out on the bed “honey what is that git up you have on?”

“Do you like it?” Eddie asked with a little shake of the hips causing the wings to flutter.

“Yeah it’s cute” Rory smiled forcing air through his nose so as not to laugh and hurt Eddie’s feelings “but why? I thought we were going to bed.”

“You said I was your angel…”

“So you dressed up as cupid?” this time he couldn’t contain the giggles that forced their way out “honey I was talking about the tree. I said we needed an angel not that…well you are my angel but I can’t put you on top of the tree.”

Cheeks turning crimson Eddie moaned “this darn cold has my ears all stuffed up.”

“Uh huh,” Rory said grabbing Eddie’s hand and pulling him towards the bed “get over here my out of season cupid and kiss me. You’re the best Christmas present I could want.”