Gene Bennett


1) Gene has a troubled past addicted to drugs, alcoholism, anger issues and self-destructive tendencies. All stemming from his belief that he was responsible for his accidental death in a house fire. When he was 13 he took the batteries from the fire alarm for something and forgot to put them back. He believes that if he hadn’t done that the firemen would have arrived sooner and saved his sister.

2) He has a severe almost paralyzing fear of fire (see above for reason for said fear). His oldest son Ian became a fireman and every time he goes on a call Gene worries himself sick over his safety.

3) He never saw himself as a husband and father until he met Aimee

4) After his brother Robert was murdered he raised his brother’s six kids along with his own. Gene has 7 kids of his own.

5) He is extremely loyal to his friends and family. If someone needs help he’s the one everyone calls. Which he finds surprising considering he was lucky to live through his teen years and everyone thought he was the most likely to wind up either dead, in prison or living on the streets.

3. Does your character have an accent? What does it sound like?

Gene doesn’t think he has an accent. He’s moved around a lot and feels that he’s lost his accent. He was born in Appaloosa which I imagine being kind of like Indiana/Ohio. Then they moved to Barnacle Bay which I imagine being along the east coast like Maine or something and then he moved to Starlight Shores which I imagine being like California. If he has an accent its kind of muddled.

7. How does your character perceive themselves? Positive? Negative? Neutral?

He’s always had a negative perception of himself. It’s gotten better as he’s gotten older but the old doubts and negativity sometimes still creeps in and colors how he sees himself. It’s especially hard when he’s away from his wife and kids. 

11. What do they think of creation? Do they believe in evolution or do they believe in God? What is their religion like?

People find it strange when he tells them that he believes in God. He may not have a formal religion he adheres to but he definitely feels that a higher power exists and that he has been helped by being given the strength to survive.

30. Finally; if your character was forced to eat one thing for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?

Hmmm definitely not his favorite food since it’s so spicey it’s set’s his mouth on fire when he eats it. Hmmm I don’t really know. He has a whole list of things he wouldn’t eat like peanut butter….I guess pizza because you can put just about any topping on it so he still have some variety.