Temperance – Where did you hear that?


She could feel the eyes of the other students as she walked down the hallway. The whispers from the not so discreet gossips. Hugging her books to her chest she wished she could leave but staying simply because she was in enough trouble already.

“Is it true” a girl she despised asked her blocking her locker.

“Is what true” she asked trying to decide if it was worth getting into her locker.

“That the ice princess actually did it” the girl giggled as she caught the attention of half the football team standing nearby watching.

“Did what” Temperance asked taking a step back.

“You know” the girl rolled her eyes “go all the way with that boy last summer.

“Where did you hear that” she stepped backwards knocking into someone.

“How about you and I get busy in the backseat of my car” the boy offered laughing harder at the look of disgust she gave him. “I’ll show you how a real man does it.”

“Leave her alone” Will demanded pulling Temperance to him and away from the others.

“Aw isn’t that sweet” the girl giggled “her prince has arrived. I guess you’ll have to wait your turn Tony.”

Whispering in Temperance’s ear Will said “we’re getting out of here. Don’t look back. They’re just a bunch of idiots.”