Evelyn – Chapter 6 – Choosing Family


Someone took Evelyn by the arm and helped her out into the hall. Collapsing into a chair shaking.  She couldn’t get the image of Shon being shocked repeatedly while the heart monitor flat lined. “Oh god what am I going to do?” she cried as she took in huge gulps of air like she was drowning. A nurse came over and stuck a needle in her arm “tranquilizer” she mumbled before walking back into Shon’s room.

She had no idea how long she sat there waiting.  When she jumped up as the door opened and a tired looking doctor walked out. Approaching her “Mrs Olivia?” she nodded while she craned her neck to see into Shon’s room. “It’s a miracle but he’s alive. We got him back.” He smiled “your husbands a fighter.”

Sighing in relief she asked “will he be alright? Will there be any complications?”

Sitting next to her “I don’t know. He’s young, healthy and in great physical shape. Those are all working in his favor. The drug that was used may have weakened his heart. He may have complications as he gets older. The head trauma may have resulted in some brain damage. We won’t know to what extent until he wakes up.”

Turning to the doctor “you do think he will have some brain damage, don’t you?”

Nodding “yes, it took too long the first time for him to wake up. With this set back …. we’ll just have to wait and see.” He moved to get up.

Evelyn reached out to stop him “there’s a chance he won’t wake up at all, isn’t there?”

Stopping the doctor considered her question “yes I’m sorry.”

“Can I go in and sit with him?” her voice flat devoid of all emotions.

“You should go home and rest,” he suggested.

“No,” she shook her head “the last time I left this is what happened. I’m staying.”

Shrugging he let her go.


For a week Evelyn held vigil at Shon’s bedside, hoping, praying he would open his eyes. She refused to leave her husband’s side. Another week went by with no visible improvement. On the third week William was actively encouraging Evelyn to go home.

“Honey you’re wearing yourself out. Go home. Get some rest. The boys miss you.”

Staring obstinately past him she refused to acknowledge him. She simply would not leave. She couldn’t leave him.

“The police are right outside.” William tried to assure her.

Eyes snapping “they were right outside before and that woman was able to walk right into his room.” Pointing at Shon as she burst into tears “this is what happened. I can’t leave.”


William fell silent, unable to argue further. Watching his daughter wear herself out broke his heart but there was nothing he could do. Worry gnawed at him as he wondered if this was a result of Shon’s investigation into the identity of the mystery man. If it was connected to Robert.  His family was in far worse danger than any of them realized. The woman the police arrested was refusing to talk. The only explanation they had for her actions was she attempted to kill Shon to keep her secret. But it didn’t make sense. Why kill her husband and Shon, when one would do. Shaking his head William knew it didn’t add up. Then there were those two kids. There was no denying they were Shon’s kids. DNA tests proved it. Staring at Shon lying on the bed and knowing the man he was, William knew he had no knowledge those kids even existed.

Even though the kids and Shon had never met, he was their only living relative.   the social worker had placed the kids in Evelyn’s care. It had hardly registered on Evelyn’s radar who they were or why they were there so absorbed was she in Shon’s recovery. William did what he could to see to their needs and see that they were taken care of. Every time he looked at them they reminded him of little replicas of Shon who refused to eat or talk to any one but themselves. William had no idea how to reach them.  He could only imagine the turmoil that was going on inside their heads. Finding out their mother was a paid assassin, hired to kill people would do a number on anyone led alone a child. So far neither one had shed a tear, they just sat and stared straight ahead with their sad blue eyes so like their fathers.

Another week and Evelyn gave in to her body’s need for rest. Agreeing to go home if William stayed at Shon’s side. William watched her walk unsteadily towards the door and waved her on hoping that the next time she came back Shon would be awake. Once she left William lost is hopeful smile knowing that with each passing day it became less likely Shon would ever wake up and if he did he wouldn’t be the same man he was before.



Screenshot-687Entering the house Evelyn was unprepared for the sullen glares of the twins who were sitting on the couch together. Evelyn stopped shocked at how much they looked like Shon and she silently wished he was there to see them. They stared at each for a several minutes before Evelyn moved towards the stairs to check on the boys. She peeked into their room. Robbie looked up and waved “mama home.”

Terrell looked up immediately holding up his arms to be held “want dada,” he mumbled.


“Oh baby so do I,” she inhaled his fresh baby scent enjoying the feel of his little arms going around her neck. A noise behind her had her turning to find that the twins had followed her. Their sad little faces looking up at her had her wishing they would let her gather them into a hug. She whispered to Terrell “that’s your brother and sister.”

Terrell looked at them curiosity lighting up his eyes. Robbie tugged on her pants leg “they look different mama.”

Kneeling Evelyn explained “that’s right. Their mama was human and I’m an alien. You look like me and they look like daddy.”

“Oh” his eyes brightening. Robbie walked over to the girl arms held out to her, a huge grin on his face “hi” he announced in his high clear voice.


Hesitating a moment the girl looked at Evelyn then down at Robbie before putting her arms around him “I’m Dana.”

Robbie nodded chattering happily to her. Evelyn sighed in relief as she watched her son bring a smile to the little girls face. Her brother stood and stared a mixture of anger and longing on his face. Looking at Terrell she wondered …. Evelyn put her son down then leaned against the wall watching.

Terrell toddled over towards his brother, falling as he tripped over his feet. The sullen boy moved to help him up “you ok?”


Terrell nodded clinging to the boy’s hand. Staring intently at the boys eyes. Pointing at him “mama he looks like dada.” Near to tears Evelyn nodded unable to speak without crying. Turning to the boy “want dada,” Terrell told him. As Evelyn watched the boy gathered him into his arms mumbling “so do I.”


Evelyn accepted she couldn’t be at the hospital all the time and got into a routine visiting him and spending time with the children. William went home after receiving a call from Lynn. Evelyn knew something wasn’t right but she didn’t ask knowing she had more than enough to handle as it was. One afternoon she was busy cleaning an already clean kitchen when a noise startled her. Turning she smiled at Don and Dana as they stood watching her holding the boys. “Can we help?” Dana asked.


“Thank you sweetie but I’m all done.” The disappointed crest fallen looks on their faces had her groping for something they could do together. “Would you like to help me bake cookies?”

Smiling they put the boys down. “We help too” Robbie said coming up to Evelyn pointing towards Terrell.

“Yes mama needs all the help she can get,” she said laughing for the first time in what felt like forever. Her lighter mood effected the kids and soon they were all laughing and giggling throwing flour at each other.

“Mom I mean Evelyn,” Dana corrected herself falling silent.

“Yes sweetie,” Evelyn said turning to her.

Don lifted his chin up defiantly with hands on hips he announced “we’d like you to be our mom now.”


Dana nodded agreement “our other mom hurt people ….”

“And we hate her,” Don growled “we don’t want anything to do with her.” His hard exterior crumpled as his lip quivered “please can you be our mom.”

Gathering them to her “you can call me anything you want.” Tilting the faces towards her “you don’t have to call me mom….”

“But we want to,” Dana insisted.

Nodding Don added “we decided.”


“When Shon comes home,” Dana gave her a brilliant grin “we’ll throw a party.”

“Yeah a party,” Robbie and Terrell echoed.

“We can plan something,” Evelyn agreed “just remember Shon won’t know anything about what happened. We’ll have to give him time to adjust.” She spoke gently not wanting to deflate their enthusiasm.

“We know,” Don stated “but …” he looked down and away.

“But what?”

Shrugging “do you think he’ll like us?”

“Of course he will,” she hugged them close marveling at how quickly they had wormed their way into her heart.

Smiling up at her “I’m going to like living here. It’s safe.” Dana nodded “our parents always argued and yelled a lot.”

“Oh honey I’m sorry but sometimes parents argue ….”


“I bet you and Shon don’t scream and throw stuff,” Don insisted.

“Well no … we try to talk calmly through our differences,” Looking at the two earnest little faces she wondered what kind of life they had before they came here to live. A thought struck “were you afraid that when you came here that we wouldn’t like you?”

They nodded “our dad always told us no one would love us more than them. Now they’re gone and we thought you were staying away because of us.”

“Oh honey it didn’t have anything to do with you. I was afraid if I left Shon alone in the hospital that something awful would happen.”


“We thought it did,” Don replied “we tried to be good so you’d let us stay.”

“We don’t have anyone else,” Dana confided.

“Of course you can stay,” she hugged them “my family is your family.”

“What about Shon’s family?”

“Honey Shon doesn’t have any family but us. Oh his dad is around but he’s angry at Shon for marrying me.”

“Why you’re nice?” Dana said slipping her hand into hers.

“Because I’m an alien and he can’t see beyond what I look like.” She explained wishing things were different.

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8 thoughts on “Evelyn – Chapter 6 – Choosing Family

  1. Wow, Don is like a carbon copy of Shon. Dana is a pretty little girl, and it’s heart warming how fast they adjusted to Evelyn! Cute chapter! I’m a little skeptical about Shon though, I don’t know if I think he’s going to die, or have brain damage or I don’t know! I’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out.


    • Those poor kids, because of what there mother did their whole life has been turned upside down. They’ve bonded with Evelyn which is good, they’re both good kids considering. We’ll have to wait and see. If he recovers it may be the end of his career, it depends upon what brain damage he’s suffered. I don’t know yet, the next chapter isn’t completely written but I hope he gets the chance to meet Don and Dana.


  2. This was like such a sweet chapter, despite Shon’s coma. I thought it was so cool that the little toddlers broke the ice, when they didn’t even know what they were doing. They helped so much. I liked the twist you put on Shon’s kids, in the fact that they were actually afraid Evelyn wouldn’t like them. I thought there was a possibility of them being mean children because of their previous parents, but I am so glad they aren’t. Evelyn needs nice, good things in her life, and having some kids just suddenly become your responsibility is so much easier when they’re good kids.


    • Evelyn’s has enough to handle with Shon in a coma and two toddlers to take care of she would have fallen to pieces if the kids were little monsters. Robbie and Terrell were able to break through their barriers where no one else could. They needed that to start the healing process. Don and Robbie will have a special bond.


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    • The tranquilizer the nurse gave to Evelyn at the beginning of the chapter was given to her to help her relax. If Evelyn had refused the nurse wouldn’t have given it to her. She did have a lot of things happening all at once poor girl.
      Thank you for reading and commenting!


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